Friday, January 20, 2012

Boot Floppy and ISO Images with GRUB2 on Debian

I've once described my setup for booting floppy disk images. That setup works rather nicely, but there's a better way of doing this on Debian:
  1. install grub-imageboot:
    aptitude install grub-imageboot
  2. put all image files you want to be able to boot in /boot/images
  3. run (as root):
and that's it!

grub-imageboot performs the same task as my original setup, in much the same way, but it also supports ISO images, is easier to install and much easier to uninstall.

A related tool, from the same authors (the fine Grml team) is grml-rescueboot, which lets you boot into a Grml rescue system from Grml ISO images placed in /boot/grml.

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