Friday, May 14, 2010

UnDBX v0.20: Recovery Mode

I've released a new version of UnDBX - a tool I wrote for extracting, recovering and undeleting e-mail messages from Outlook Express DBX files.

This is likely to be the last major release of UnDBX, since Outlook Express is defunct. It's been replaced by Windows Live Mail, which stores e-mail messages on disk as plain .eml files.

The main new feature in this release, and the reason for the version bump to v0.2x, is a Recovery Mode for extracting messages from corrupted DBX files. In Recovery Mode UnDBX can also (partially) undelete deleted messages from DBX files.

Other features and enhancements include:
  1. a new GUI launcher, that should be easier to use than the previous launcher script
  2. file names of extracted .eml files are constructed from the contents of the To:, From: and Subject: message headers
  3. the modification date of the extracted files is set to match the contents of the Date: header
  4. fixed crash bugs exposed by zzuf and valgrind



  1. i am SO thankfull!!!

    your software was the one and only solution for a big trouble at my work. my boss "lost" all her mails because of a DBX damage and i recovered ALL important mails.

    great job. thanks again.

    greetings from chile


  2. Thanks very much! I have UnDBX running now for the first time, and seems it works super! But I have one question about subsequent runs synchronizig the output folder with the contents of the .dbx file, which I'm worried with. When you say:

    "•existing .eml files, that do not correspond to messages in the .dbx file, will be treated as deleted messages and will be deleted"

    1) do you mean that already recovered .eml files in the output folder will be deleted? Maybe meaning replaced by an identhical copy from the identhical message in the.dbx?

    2)or do you mean that messages in the .dbx will not be transfered to the output folder in order to avoid duplications?

    I'm worried about what is deleted by unDBX (on 2nd and subsequent runs automatically synchronizig the output folder with the contents of the .dbx file), because I have to recover .dbx files from many hardware machines. And I hope no .eml already recovered is deleted.

    I imagine it is only a gramatical misunderstanding, myself to be blamed for it.

    Thanks again.

  3. I'm not sure I understand your setup. Please contact me directly via email (it's in the README).


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