Friday, January 15, 2010

BaculaFS: Bacula Filesystem in USErspace

I've recently released BaculaFS. BaculaFS is a tool that exposes the Bacula catalog and storage as a read-only Filesystem in USErspace (FUSE).

If you have setuptools installed you can get and install BaculaFS like this:
easy_install BaculaFS
and then run it like this (as root):
baculafs [options] [mount point]
Note that, depending on your setup, it can take quite a while for BaculaFS to start up, as it runs the necessary queries against the Bacula catalog database (if you're impatient you can try -o logging=debug - it won't accelerate anything, but the feedback may ease your pain).

I wrote BaculaFS from the bottom up, and I guess it shows. Nevertheless, I think it's pretty cool. I use it with rsync, Baobab, and other file oriented tools (I even managed to clone a Git repository directly from backup).

Unfortunately, extracting files from the Bacula backup storage can be rather slow. This can make BaculaFS barely usable with Nautilus (and probably with other file managers), because it is simply too aggressive, attempting, by default, to read each and every file it encounters.

I hope some of you will find it useful. If you happen to hit any problem please submit a bug report.


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