Friday, February 20, 2009

From Lenny To Squeeze

[07 Feb 2011] UPDATE: this is an old post about upgrading Debian/testing. If you're considering upgrading Debian/stable, please read the official upgrade instructions.

Debian "lenny" is now officially Debian/stable and the codename for the new Debian/testing is "squeeze". I've long since modified /etc/apt/sources.list to refer to testing instead of lenny, so all I had to do in order to upgrade was wait for Debian/unstable to become Debian/testing. This was quite noticeable: I suddenly got, after running
aptitude update
that there are over 300 packages to upgrade!

I switched to a text console with CTRL-ALT-F1, logged in as root and typed
aptitude full-upgrade
The upgrade itself went smoothly, with no problems at all. I rebooted the machine and it came up just fine. A piece of cake.

My other Debian system is a live HDD (doesn't this sound like a bumper sticker?). I've been using it for the past year and half, as a laptop alternative. I've neglected to upgrade it for quite a while, so I was a bit reluctant to switch it to Squeeze. But I decided to do it anyway, as soon as I found a few free hours (you know - those hours when most people sleep).

I ran aptitude update, and I then hit the first problem: aptitude didn't recognize the full-upgrade command. The version of aptitude that was installed on my live HDD was simply too old.

I could've used apt-get dist-upgrade, but I've learned to like aptitude's dependency conflict resolution (it's powerful enough to solve Sudoku puzzles!). So I first upgraded aptitude itself, and only then launched the full upgrade. Which, surprisingly enough, just worked.

Free time...

I'm seriously considering going to sleep.


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