Friday, November 14, 2008

All Line Are Busy!

I've exported an document (with .odt extension) to Microsoft Word format (.doc). I had a simple plan: to edit the exported document in MS Word on my VirtualBox hosted Window$ XP virtual PC. Nothing fancy, really.

There was one snag that had to fixed: fonts. The original document uses Bitstream Vera Sans TrueType fonts, which aren't installed on the Window$ PC. I could've switched to Tahoma, which look similar enough, but, being a perfectionist (read: obsessive-compulsive), I decided to install the fonts.

Should be easy, right? In principle, that's true:
  1. download the fonts and extract them to a temporary folder
  2. double click the Fonts control panel applet
  3. from the menu, select File->Install New Font...
  4. when prompted, find the temporary folder from step 1, and select all the fonts
  5. press OK and wait for the fonts installation to complete
But at the last step I got the following error message, no matter what I tried:
The font folder is busy and cannot install the selected fonts at this time. You may retry now or cancel and retry later.
Annoying as hell. What gives?

A quick search got me to a certain blog entry, which pointed me to Microsoft's TweakUI tool, available as a separate download on the PowerToys package page (search the downloads side bar at the right):
  1. install Tweak UI
  2. launch it
  3. use the mouse to select the "Repair" branch from the left side selection tree
  4. select "Repair Font Folder" from the drop-down selection box
  5. hit "Repair Now"
Good as new.


  1. Very nice, I'll need to use that one day...

    Mind if I translate it to spanish?
    Of course, with credits and all...

    Keep your obsessive-compulsive syndrome, it's great to read your blog.

    Greetings from Argentine.

  2. No problem - as long as you do a better job than Google Translate ;-)


  3. thank you so much!

    now if only you could tell me why word crashes every time I hit "insert symbol" but everything else works

    I hate windows!

    thank you!

  4. I have no idea...

    I searched google for "word crashes insert symbol", just in case you havn't, and got this among the first hits: Word 2007 Crashes Insert Symbol

    There are several suggestions on that thread - I hope it helps.