Friday, December 21, 2007

Small Fonts in Icedove

I'm using Icedove from the unstable package repository, as my email client. A recent update caused it to show small, difficult to read, fonts in both menus and messages. It took an hour of mucking around with font sizes, pondering the contents of .mozilla-thunderbird and googling for relevant search phrases, before I decided to go over the list of Icedove bugs.

And sure enough, the problem is not only known, but a workaround exists, too:
  1. in Icedove select Edit->Preferences
  2. select the Advanced tab
  3. press "Config Editor"
  4. enter "dpi", press enter
  5. modify the value of the key layout.css.dpi from -1 to 0
  6. restart Icedove
My eyes feel better now.


  1. I just upgraded to and experienced the same problem. I tried this fix and it worked immediately!

  2. thanks thanks thanks !!!

  3. Hi, thanks for your tip. My eyes are feeling better too!!! :)

  4. cheers! Ah, the fun of the what-will-break-this-time apt-get upgrade.

  5. Oh you bewdy! Thank you!

    This is exactly why to NOT UPGRADE anything. Ever!

  6. hello. i have just spoiled annoying hours configuring gnome after migration from kde :) and noticed the problem with icedove small fonts.

    you saved me couple of sleeping hours. great thanks

  7. Thank you SO much!

    The right information in the right moment.

    Many greetings.