Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anti Virus Woes

My wife's laptop came bundled with Norton Internet Security 2006 and its update subscription expired recently. My options at this point seemed clear enough:
  1. do nothing
  2. purchase a new subscription
  3. uninstall
  4. uninstall and replace with a different product
    1. free
    2. non-free
The logic is also quite simple:
  • an updated security tool is better than an obsolete one
  • any security tool is a resource hog - but some are less hungry than Norton's
  • some security tools are better than Norton's
  • most non-free security tools are better than the free security tools
  • it's a laptop, and it's also my wife's laptop, and sh*t does happen

The performance claims above are based on independent benchmarks such as those conducted by AV-Comparatives.

I finally chose eset's NOD32 Anti-Virus over Kaspersky Anti Virus.

I uninstalled the Norton suite and then installed NOD32 trial version together with the ZoneAlarm Free firewall (it's becoming increasingly difficult to track down this free utility on the ZoneAlarm website - but you can get it direct from download.com).

I was quite happy with this setup - the laptop wasn't as slow as with the Norton tools, and it seemed to work without a hitch. It was only after the 30 day trial period ended, that I realized that I couldn't purchase a license online from eset's website. In that respect Norton is much easier - the registration process is simple, painless, and actually works (it makes sense - they do want my money).

I had to purchase a real boxed CD from a local dealer, uninstall the trial version and then install from the CD. What a drag.

I guess I'll have to go through this next year too.

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